Boston, Massachusetts | Maternity, Baby, & Family Photographer

"Meeting people in a genuine way and feeling like there is a vital and meaningful connection going on makes me come alive."

—Sharon Salzburg

Mother holds baby's cheek against her cheek and smiles at Smolak Farm in North Andover, MA

Here is My STORY.

In 2020 with a third baby on the way, during a global pandemic, while juggling an online-schooled kindergartener and a daring gymnast 3 year old, I thought it was the perfect time to finally open my photography business. You see, I have a photojournalism degree (Boston University '08), and I'm a former pro sports photographer, so I'd been thinking about this endeavor for a long time.

So, what possessed me to finally take the plunge?

Well, Life Happened.

After a series of unfortunate events (which I'm now grateful for), with the support from an awesome mentor + amazing family, combined with a new-found self-confidence, I decided it was time to make this life changing and fulfilling decision.

Thus, Megan LaBella Photography was born.

Here is My Why.

After my time at the Boston Red Sox I coached college track & field and taught high school physical education and health. I absolutely loved coaching and teaching, empowering and connecting with my students and colleagues. With my last baby on the way, I took a hiatus from my highly rewarding careers. As a super social creature, I quickly started missing interacting and connecting with people! I put a lot of thought into why it was time for Megan LaBella Photography to come to life: I wanted to connect, I wanted to create, I wanted to empower, and ultimately, I wanted to bring joy to others.

Now as your photographer, I am able to connect, empower, and bring joy by creating beautiful photographic art for you. What could be better?

The Experience

You and your family are my priority.

Because of this, I have limited availability each month, so I can spend my time and focus on you!

Your time is valuable.

When working with me you can expect a personalized, relaxed, fun, & comfortable photography experience.

I want to build a connection with you, your partner & your family! It is my favorite part of this job!

Luckily my superpower, according to my husband, is that I can make friends with a rock!

So, you can relax and we can be friends!

If you are looking for gorgeous, intimate photos of you and your loved ones connecting authentically,

let's schedule a date!